Trade Show Booth


Oto Lawn had an upcoming trade show in Las Vegas and they needed a booth to showcase their smart sprinkler. In reality, their sprinkler uses residential water pressure so this needed to be replicated. It also needed to accurately shoot water in a complex pattern so the booth system had to capture the water and send it back pressurized into the sprinkler in a closed loop.

Running an open loop would have resulted in high water waste and it also required a costly hose connection.

Additionally, they had plans to exhibit at trade shows in Chicago and New York so the system had to be light and modular to be able to be shipped quickly and efficiently.


  • Realistic turf that allows proper water drainage
  • A sturdy frame allows people to walk on the grass
  • Hidden drainage system underneath the turf
  • Stained cedar boards to hide the frame
  • Silent pump that removes water from the trays and pressurizes it to the sprinkler
  • Entire system can be disassembled and stacked on top of each other to fit on a standard shipping pallet
Video of the booth in action