LHC is an Engineering Company with Actual Production Experience.

Local Services

Based in Markham, Ontario, LHC is a local engineering company that provide quality services to its customer with great price. Our service will provide our customers a systematic project management transparent data sharing mechanism along with the coverage of the time zone/ language difference between Canada and China. We can supply an audit in Chinese MFGs for our customers with the convenience of one stop shopping.


Our Company is flexible in different ways:

  • Willing to engage small budget business
  • Proven logistic
  • Complimentary design feasibility study and recommendation
  • Participate with customer literately
  • Quality acceptance assurance¬†

Develop Products for Client

LHC can develop Electrical and Mechanical Projects for our customers. Right now, we have help develop many advanced and patterned projects.:

  • Mobile lift
  • Mobile device
  • Ground fault detection device
  • USB Charger
  • Baby Stroller
  • Hockey Dynamic Shooter Tutor

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Lake Harbour Co. Ltd.

Suite 210-550 Alden Road
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Phone: +1 905 604 3298+1 905 604 3298

E-mail: info@lakeharbourcanada.com

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