Benefits to work with us:

20 diversified foundries at clients’ service. Most of them ISO 9002 certified.

No letter of credit necessary.

Door to door service. Castings delivered to your facilities.

Guaranteed quality.

Guaranteed delivery dates.

Quotation guaranteed in 3 days.

Prototypes delivered in 10-30 days.

Speed: Shipments delivered 30 days after approval of samples.

Excellent communication between Lake Harbour Co. Ltd. and its clients

All questions answered within 24 hours from our Richmond Hill office.


Our commodities also include

Marble Stone


Fastener, Bolt & Screw, Washer

Mechanical Blades

Forging parts

Diversified Machinery


Steel Casting:

Process Size Range per Unit
Sand Casting 100kg - 5 Tons
Investment (Lost Wax) 0.2Kg- 50Kg
Evaporating Pattern Casting(EPC) 20 KG (Max)
Secondary Operations 100% Gauging to specification
  Machining & Farication to Specification
  Heat Treatment to Specification
Conversion From Fabrications & Forgoings to Castings
Gear Machining Cutting, Griding, Honing, Lapping.
  Polishing & Heat Treatment
Enamel Coating

Coating on Utility & Consumer Casting to Specification


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